Škraping Ultra Trail Race 2021. is canceled

Our dear Skrapers,

It is with utmost regret and despite all our zeal and efforts, that we must notify you all that the Skraping Ultra 2021 is not going to take place. This is due for the prolonged epidemiological measures imposed by the Civil Protection that do not allow more than 25 persons to muster at one place.

We will be continuing the enacted action of reimbursement of in-paid fees from 2020, hopeful that the next year will bring us normal conditions and a revival of sports events like Skraping.

To all the fans of our island, to all athletes, adventurers, visitors, to the little ‘Skrapic’ cuties, to the exhibitors at the Island Product Fair and to everybody else, present and past alike, to our contributors and co-workers at Skraping, we wish all health, progress and good luck for the Skraping to happen in 2022!

Yours always,
Skraping Tkon, Island of Pasman