Rules and regulations

All participants in the race must follow the guidelines stipulated within this section of the website. Failing to comply with the Škraping rules and regulations will not be tolerated. The organizer of the race retains the right to change the rules in order to secure the contestants’ safety. All participants shall be informed of any changes made to the rules and regulations.

Article 1

Entry conditions / general regulations

1. All participants must be no younger than 18 years of age – MARATHON
2. Participants under the age of 18 may take part only if accompanied by an adult who then becomes responsible for the participant. From 16 – 18 years old – CHALLENGER
3. Accompanying adults shall sign a document confirming their responsibility for the contestant.
4. The minimum age for applying for the race is 12 years of age but only for ACTIVE
5. All participants agree that they are responsible for any action within the race, and that they shall make themselves aware of the rules, as well as follow the guidelines stipulated within them. All participants are aware of the risks attached to the race and shall obey the rules for the safety of themselves and others.
6. All participants wave the right to hold the organizer responsible towards participants or any third parties.
7. The organizer is not responsible for any dasmage made to the equipment or for the losing/stealing of any possession belonging to a participant.
8. All participants must have health insurance.

Article 2

Categories, ranking and final standings

1. Participants can race in three categories: Ultra (longer track) 40 km, Challenger (shorter track) 20 km and Light (shortest) 8 km..
2. Both categories have separate results for men and women.

Article 3

Time measurements

1. Time is measured from the moment the start sign is given to the moment the participant passes through the finish line.
2. The organizer of the race is in charge of measuring the official timings.
3. Time designated for arriving to check points and the finish line is stipulated in the written instructions.
4. Arriving to a check point or the finish line after the designated timing shall disqualify the participant from the race.

Article 4

Application and start fee

1. Applying for the race: in the manner designated by the organizer.
2. Start fees: in the manner designated by the organizer.

Article 5


1. Participants must use the prescribed equipment.
2. The necessary equipment includes: a) a compass, b) a forehead light whit extra batteries, c) a cellular phone – charged battery, d)a first aid kit, e) astro foil, f) a whistle, g) a map of the track (given by the organizer on the day of the race), h) race instructions (given by the organizer on the day of the race), i) a participant chart (given by the organizer on the day of the race).
3. The organizer of the race retains the right to inspect the content of the prescribed equipment of any participant and in any stage of the race.

Article 6

Necessary documents

Participants must carry with them the following documents (or copies):
1. Personal ID card
2. Health insurance card

Article 7

Terms for disqualification

1. Not complying to, disregarding or opposing any rule or regulation of the race.
2. Not obeying written instructions or the race instruction.
3. Any form of unsportsmanlike behavior that endangers or affects the reputation of the race or causes damage to private property or the property of the organizer.
4. Failure to continue the race for any reason.
5. Using forbidden pathways, forbidden equipment or receiving help from other persons.
6. Using any kind of transportation.
7. Arriving to a check point or the finish line after the time limit.
8. If the participant receives more than 90 penalty minutes, that is, if the participant fails to provide more than 3 pieces of the necessary equipment.

Article 8

Penalties – penalty minutes

1. The participant receives 30 penalty minutes for each missing piece of necessary equipment.
2. Penalty minutes are added to the final timing.
3. The organizer of the race is the single authorized person for deciding the total timing, disqualification and/or adding penalty minutes to the final timing of a participant.

Article 9

Not finishing the race

1. The participant need not finish the race, and can decide to do so in any stage of the race.
2. The participant shall inform the organizer of not finishing the race.
3. The organizer of the race shall provide help to participants who do not finish the race, as well as necessary medical aid.

Article 10

Environment care

1. Participants are prohibited from starting any form of fire, as well as from polluting the environment or destroying flora and fauna.
2. Participants are prohibited from littering and are obliged to carry any potential waste. Participant shall arrive to the finish line bearing the same items with which they started the race.
3. It is forbidden to litter at any point of the track.
4. Any damage done to the environment will result in disqualification.

Article 11


1. Sponsors may advertise on any part of the participants’ equipment which is not already reserved for a specific sponsor.

Article 12


1. Participants must carry every piece of the necessary equipment with them at all times.
2. Participants must carry all necessary documents with them at all times.
3. Participants shall follow all written or verbal instructions given by the organizer.
4. Participants must obey all rules and regulations related to the race.
5. In the event of an accident, all nearby participants are obligated to help participants in need of aid.
6. The organizer does not guarantee the rescue of an injured participant within a specified period time due to the harsh terrain and potentially bad weather conditions.
7. The organizer of the race retains the right to end the race in any given time if conditions threaten participants or the race.
8. Participants may call for help in any of the following manners: flashing light, whistling, shouting (6 times per minute, every ten seconds, then a one-minute pause, then repeat). The answer is given by those who hear the distress call (three times per minute, every twenty seconds, then a one-minute pause, then repeat) until the person who is calling for help ceases to do so.

Article 13

Changes in the configuration of the track

1. The organizer of the race retains the right to change the placement of check points, or shorten the duration of the race if weather conditions endanger the safety of the participants.

Article 14

Protests and complaints

1. All complaints must be given to the organizer of the race in written form upon the end of the race, no later than 72 hours for timing and no later than 7 days for all the rest.
2. The organizer shall respond to the complaint within two days of receiving the written complaint.

Article 15

Media freedom compliance and personal info

1. By applying to the race, contestants agree to the possibility that the filmed or photographed media content may potentially be shown in public or used for promotional purposes.
2. The organizer of the race retains the right to use, copy or distribute all video or photograph content.
3. Necessarily need personal information of entrants will be used for the overall standings.